Party at our house! Bring kleenex.

If you wanted to build your child’s immune system, your invited to the flu party!  Just to give you an idea of what to look forward to…

Day 1 and 2:   The boys ran a fever, so they camped out on the couch to watch movies while going in and out of consciousness.  Seriously, this was the whole day.                     Rated:  Easy

Day 3:  Some play, some movies, and a little food in the diet.                             Rated: Easy

Day 4:  Hard cough and runny nose developed.  Justice does not know how to blow his nose, so his reaction every time started with the scream of death, followed by yelling, “I HAVE A BOOGIE!”  Even though we kept the kleenex box right next to him, he would become paralyzed, so we had to stop what we were doing to wipe his nose.  Archer learned this inappropriate behavior and thought to follow suit.  Justice’s runny nose, sneezes, and hard cough prevented him from a much needed nap.  By late afternoon, his nose was raw, which resulted in a gushing bloody nose.  We soon learned that blood, freaks him out.  We attended to his nose while he screamed and cried.  Back to the couch and movies.  By 7 pm we finally managed to get him to sleep.  My first break all day.                                                                     Rated: Very Difficult

Day 4 night: By 9 pm, Justice awakes coughing, sneezing and another gushing bloody nose as a result. He fell back asleep at some point.  At 10 pm it is time for me to go to bed.  I needed to move Archer from my bed to his room.  Archer awakes in the move and starts crying, which wakes up Justice and now he is crying.  Archer moves back to my bed and I try to settle them both down.  I finally go to bed with Archer, but he is annoyed at every move I make that again results in them both crying.  I eventually retire to the couch.  Dad is at work.  The rest of the night on and off Justice screams for me to wipe his nose.                                                                                     Rated: Very Difficult

Day 5:  Boys are crabby and up by 6:55 am.  Dad arrives home from work at 7:15 am and he needs to sleep.  Today, no playing, only screaming, coughing, sneezing, crying and this repeated throughout the day.  I was supposed to have a doctor’s appointment, but they allowed me to give Justice my appointment at 2 pm.  Nap before appointment for the boys was my goal, this was not accomplished.  No nap and 2 bloody noses later, we load the car for his appointment.  We should arrive right on time.  As I am helping Justice buckle his seat belt, he sneezes on me (Come on!) and gets a bloody nose. I yell to inform James.  He throws me a bath towel and a box of kleenex.  We will miss the appointment knowing how long the nose bleed lasts.  On the 17 minute drive to the doctors, Justice is on his own screaming every time he looks at the blood, I keep swurving into the other lane and since I could not help, I start to cry.  We are both crying, but thankfully the nose bleeds stops before we arrive.  We get admitted and while we wait for the doctor we both fall asleep.  The appointment confirms that Justice has H1N1.                             Rated: HELL

Day 5 night:  James took night duty.  James slept on a cot in Justice’s room to wipe his nose before he could scream.  I am in my own bed and Archer took the couch.

Day 6 : Bloody noses, cough and screams continue, but they are able to sleep and rest.  We all retired to our own bed for the first time since day 1.                                 Rated: Hard

Day 7: Kids awoke and started playing and laughing.  Telling jokes that usually don’t make me laugh, made me laugh.  All the noises were music to my ears.  They are still in recovery but happiness has returned to our home and I am ever so thankful.                 Rated: Okay

Day 8:  I got my flu shot today and so should you!

Today:  I just ran bath water for the boys, but as I reached over to start the water, I felt my sock get wet.  Really, who missed the toilet?!    I hear, “Sorry Mom.”  For the record potty training boys early, is over rated.                                    Rated: Never Perfect

This little cartoon, made me laugh out loud when I read it.  I can relate.  Maybe I will have James draw one of Justice yelling to wipe his boogie, while the kleenex are right there!!!!!


I love my boys more than anything, but bad days is all part of the job.


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