Marti Gras comes to Kenai, Ak


Girls Night Out! James’ schedule of working every weekend, does not lend well to going to many events together. So I had to bring in the girls and it turned out a lot of other girls were without their husband for the weekend as well. The event was a very successful fundraiser at our church with auctions and raffles and all that jazz. I was not successful with any wins, which is fine. The main reason I attended was to dress up, since that is such a rare occasion in my line of work.  Just to give you the picture of how much I don’t dress up, my friend Megan called a couple of hours before the event, to say, “Hey, I just put on some marti gras colored eye shadow, you better wear make up!” I just thought, “If you only knew what I was wearing.”  My real reply was, “Sure, I could probably find some around here somewhere.”  Let’s just say it took awhile for people to recognize me, but I get that alot since it is a rare occasion.  Secondly, for the food. The menu for the night was black-eyed pea chip dip, deep-fried alligator, duck gumbo, and halibut and shrimp etouffee. True Cajun style!  I had about 2 hours of good fun, before I had to jet early due to life with kids!



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