You have to meet my friend Karen!


Like I said, you have to meet my newest and dearest friend Karen! A while back she and her friend attended my sea glass/resin workshop that I teach. She was always so cheerful and I called her my biggest fan, because she loves my art work more than anyone I know. She was my one and only groupie, because whenever I sold at a festival, she had to find me. She is the type of person you love being around because all they do is build you up. I would only run into her every now and then. However, recently we have been seeing each other more often and we have started to get together in the last couple weeks. Let me tell you, she has been an answer to my prayers. I have to tell ya, winters in Alaska have never been hard for me, except for this year. This winter has been very hard, nothing I have ever experienced before and I pray never experience again. I cry a lot and my hormones seem wacked. My family is amazing and I am thankful I can talk to them, but Karen is like a big present sent from above and lives right around the corner!  A girl who understands girl stuff.  Without family close by, Karen is becoming family the way she loves not only on me, but my kids too.  I made a lot of friends who love me, but don’t invest in my kids, which makes me miss family so much for.  Karen loves us all so much!  Today the boys and I went over to play.  She had us decorate a tree and cookies for St. Patrick’s day.  Justice fell in love with her dog Buddy, because he played with him, unlike our Chili Dog who never plays with the boys.   The kids played and we read a devotion together.  My boys love her already and today was the first day they really got to know her.  My heart is so thankful for you Karen!

Just a little something I have been missing since I left Nome, my support group.  Moving to where you don’t know anyone, it takes time, but I am getting there.  I am excited this week also marks the start of the Lenten season.  I deleted Candy Crush from our iPad and I am hoping to get my priorities back in line and draw closer to God, for strength in this time.  I am excited to go to WI in less than a week to spend time with my family and celebrate Justice’s birthday with everyone!  He gets a real family birthday party!  I can not even begin to explain how special that is to me.



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