Swimming Lessons


Archer is 3 1/2 and he just finished his first set of swimming lesson’s this winter.  We missed our chance to start young with him, because when he was two he loved the water!  He even loved being dunked at two.  Well I should say he did not mind that one time we went to the pool as a family, because for about a year we never made it back.  In that time, Archer became afraid of the water.  Thankfully, he has made huge strides in his fear.  We are proud to say that he loves going to the pool, again!  That was his biggest accomplishment in his first set of swimming lessons.  Our next goal, is to go underwater!

Justice, on the other hand, finished his third set of lessons.  These lessons taught him some of the basics of how to swim and shortly after lessons ended he has taught himself to swim.  He loves swimming under water and he even taught himself to do a somersault underwater.  He has no fear!

Keep up the good work, boys!


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