Happy Mother’s Day


This year the boys really took ownership of Mother’s Day. I discussed with them that mommy has a special day coming up where we can show her how much we love her by making her feel special. I asked them “what should we do for mommy?”. I was very surprised at how detailed they were. Here is what they said.
We need to get her presents, lots of presents!
What kind of presents?
Ummm.. I know we need to get her a princess dress, a big hat (Archer added, “No,no a big beautiful hat), new carpet, a girl elephant, a “cooker” book, the girl cowboy from Toy Story toy, headbands, princess headbands, yarn, fabric, a wedding ring (Justice added, “because girls like that), girl movies, barbie dolls, stamps, and a doll that could move and walk.

With our list written down we left for the dpartment store.  I brought the list to humor the boys, but I almost didn’t need to because they had memorized most of it.  I eventually sold them on a nice robe for mom, but while we were looking at robes  the boys started yelling and pointing to a “dress” they wanted to buy mommy.  They drew alot of attention to us from a nearby shopper who only began to chuckle when they saw the “dress” they were pointing at.  It was a very slinky black and pink lingerie outfit.  I had to redirect them to the robes, but they kept arguing claiming, “we wanted to get her a princess dress”.  Settling on a card was no different.  we must have read almost every mother /chld card there was.  Eventually our shopping spree was over and we returned home.  Justice quickly hid our present and card, only to have Archer blurt out to Amy, we got you a mother’s day present.

Amy, their excitment only shows how much they want to make you feel special, to express their love. I thank God I have such a wonderful, loving wife and a terrific mother to the boys.  With all our love on your day,  Happy Mother’s day!

Also, Amy, tell the boys they can buy you a princess dress for father’s day- wink, wink.


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