The Open Road

The boys glassing for wildlife in Denali National Park.

The boys glassing for wildlife in Denali National Park.

The second week in August, the Adcox family packed up the scamper camper and took off for a week long camping road trip.  We left Kenai late in day one and made it to the fun community of Talkeetna.  The next morning we explored the shops and the river.  Many residents live down the train track year round with their home only accessible by train or four wheeler.  A highlight of the town was visiting and sampling the Alaskan Birch Syrup Company (hmmm hmm good!).  The next two days we explored Denali National Park with the kids.  They loved it!  We honestly didn’t spot much wildlife with exception to one of the largest bull moose I’ve seen walking off the side of the road about ten feet from our car.  The boys completed the Junior Ranger Program and became a Junior Ranger, which somehow made them even more excited about animals and nature!  We then migrated north to Fairbanks to visit friends for three days.  It was nice catching up with everyone, thank you all for your hospitality.  While in Fairbanks we ate at the Thai House, went to the new Tanana Lake Recreation Park,  went to pick blueberries on Murphy Dome, and ate dinner with old friends.  We then drove south on the Richardson Highway to Paxson Lake State Park just south of Paxson.  It was truly wild and desolate.  We decided to collectively take a bath in the lake with nothing but our birthday suits on.  After drying off we picked more blueberries and built our usual campfire.  The next day we were beginning to feel the effects of the road trip and moseyed our way back to Kenai, but not before stopping in Palmer.  My goodness, the Glenn Highway is my new favorite stretch or road.  Exhausted we landed back at home -safe and sound!



Mount Denali and all it's glory.

Mount Denali and all it’s glory.





The Open Road!

The Open Road!


One thought on “The Open Road

  1. I spy 2 guys looking as far as you can see! Keep searching the horizon boys, life is out there and you deserve it all; and an old grandpa may be sneaking up on you sometime in the future, hopefully next year.

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