Daddy Day!

I think what has made me laugh the last couple Father’s Days, is Justice keeps telling me he needs a present too, because he is a boy and he will be a Father.  Well Justice it is not that easy!

Today is special because we get to spoil a very well deserved Dad.  He is the perfect role model for our boys and as each and every year goes by we see each of them following more and more in his footsteps.  I would not have it any other way.   If I were to be so brave to say if there was only ONE thing I would change in his parenting style is that he is so excited to introduce the things he loves to the boys that he might introduce some things a little to early.  For example certain scenes of his favorite movies that later give them nightmares, fighting and wrestling moves that hurt one another, and the list goes on.   However, when you see your husband so excited to be with his boys that you just roll with it.  Really who doesn’t make parenting mistakes.  We just hope in the end they will turn out alright!  Wink Wink  

Another time we disagree is around their birthdays when we discuss what we should buy for the boys from us.  I will say,  “How about Legos.  I think they will love them.”  James’ response, “I did not like Legos when I was a kid. Definitely not!”  So this conversation happens each and every holiday.  What it has come down to is they get a present from Mom and a present from Dad because we can not agree. The good news is that the boys usually love both presents and I am most proud to say that James now enjoys Legos as well.

Here is to our one and only, love him to the moon and back Dad.  Just some fun shots of the boys taking after their Dad!






Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day!


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