In 7th Grade I was asked to write a journal entry about where I would be in twenty years.  Raised in Texas, I wrote that I would be living in a log cabin in the deep woods of Alaska: the Last Frontier.  I first came to Alaska in 1997 to work as an Arts and Crafts Counselor for Bingle Camp off of Harding Lake.  It was then that I was warned that there is a rubber band effect when visiting Alaska, and that soon I would bounce back to reside in the 49th state.  I did this in the year 2000.  I moved to Fairbanks and lived a single man’s life of good friends, great outdoor experiences, artwork, and that mysterious yearning to meet the girl of my dreams.  Then…

A year after high school graduation, I set off to work the summer in Alaskan’s Denali National Park.  This was my first experience of Alaska and it turned out not to be my last.  After completing college I was torn on exactly what I should do next.  Stay in the area or work in bush Alaska.  Meanwhile, a recruiter came to my college interviewing students of my major for open positions in the Bearing Strait School District.  I decided I would use this experience as interviewing practice and just see how it goes since I was somewhat interested.  Next thing I knew, a second phone interview with the director of the Northwestern Alaska Career and Technical Center took place and I accepted the job in Nome, Alaska.  Basically the moment that followed was a day of crying, hoping this was the right decision.  Little did I know it was the perfect job for me.  I further didn’t know that the man of my dreams was up there to.  Then…

We met and the rest is blog history!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. James, Amy, and Justice,

    I posted a link to your Blog on my Facebook Profile, so you might get some more hits.

    It was really good to see you all on Friday!

    BTW, you need to put something on this About page 🙂


  2. James & Amy,

    Would really love to see you both and the boys. Stop by when you are in Fairbanks or better yet park your camper at the house and start your adventure on Moose Mountain.


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